If you’re a physician and haven’t yet tapped into the world of marketing for doctors, you’re missing out. Reach more patients with a strategized marketing plan.

As of 2019, there are 4.39 billion internet users. This is a 9% increase compared to 2018. In comparison to the past, today people are more informed thanks to the internet. For instance, if a parent is looking for a doctor within his local area, all he has to do is search using the following keyword – a doctor near me.

From the results, the parent will have the contact details of the doctor, his physical location and website. As such, people no longer have to choose a doctor randomly.

If you are a doctor and are yet to implement marketing for doctors, then you are missing out. What you need to know is that your competitors are already doing it.

Want to improve brand awareness and engagement?

Read on and learn 7 marketing strategies physicians need to know about.

Use Direct Mail

Many people think that direct mail as a medical practice marketing method is dead. Well, they are wrong. Direct mail has a higher response rate than digital marketing for doctors. In fact, direct marketing has a response rate of 9% while paid search has 1%, social media has 1% and email, 1%.

What this tells you is that direct mail marketing is still an effective strategy. You can send postcards advertising new services and treatments. You can also use them to remind your patients of wellness checks or breast exams on breast cancer awareness month.

Learn more about dental postcards and make a great impression in your doctor office advertising.

Have a High-Resolution Brand Logo

With a high-resolution logo, your brand becomes recognized easily. Think about companies such as Coca Cola, Microsoft, or Apple. Their unique logos makes it easy for consumers to identify their products.

To have a brand logo that stands out, hire a professional graphics designer. You can opt to work with a local company or hire a freelancer from 99Designs.

Use Genuine Images of Your Office and Employees

Want to give your customers a reason to ditch your competition and opt for your practice?

If you have a website, you can attract more patients by using genuine images instead of stock photos. Doing so gives your patients a sneak peek into your practice. As such, they are aware of what to expect.

Hire SEO Experts

On Google, 67k searches are made every second and 46% of the searches are local. What you need to know is that online users believe first-page results are reputable.

Want to attain the first-page rank on SERPs? Hire an SEO expert. Not only will he provide awesome content but he will optimize your site and help you select the best domain.

Go Social

If you don’t have a social media presence, then you are missing out on a lot. In 2019, it is estimated that the number of social media users is 2.77 billion. By 2021, social media users will reach 3.02 billion or more.

To have a social media presence, create solid social media campaigns with the help of pros. This will help to drive traffic to your website and your practice.

Offer Discounts and Promotions on Instagram

Now that you have an Instagram page, post promotions as part of your social content strategy and marketing for doctors. When a patient schedules an appointment, he can redeem the discount and save. You can also ask your followers to recommend your practice to their followers.

Optimize Your Website to Be Mobile Friendly

In 2019, there are 4.68 billion mobile phone users worldwide. Experts forecast that by 2020, the mobile phone users will pass the 5 billion mark. Want to attract more patients to your practice? Hire an expert to optimize your blog or website to be mobile friendly.

Digital and Social Media Marketing for Doctors 

While marketing for doctors may seem hard, with the help of experts, one can improve brand awareness. Experts have a dedicated team where they pool ideas to realize the customer’s goals. Remember, medical office marketing is a continuous process.

Looking for more marketing ideas for doctors offices or how to advertise successfully? Bookmark our website’s Entrepreneurship section and stay up to date.