Establishing a medical practice is an expensive venture. Although the medical field has a good return on investments than other businesses, you can still save a lot of money if you plan carefully and make smart purchases.

One of the ways to do this is to decide to buy refurbished medical equipment like an x-ray machine. There are many perks when you purchase used machines; we will be discussing them one by one here. But first, let us understand how refurbished medical equipment became an industry itself.

There is one crucial thing that you should know about x-ray machines is that you are not picking up someone else’s problem or junk. That is if you are an educated buyer. You can filter out vendor stereotypes and the stigmas in the marketplace, and by doing your homework, you can find a diamond in the rough. It will not only suit your needs but will also deliver the performance you are after and booster your revenue.

Once you have decided to purchase a used x-ray machine, you are only halfway through the process. You need to determine the type of x-ray machine to choose and from which vendor you are going to acquire them.

Why should you buy a used x-ray machine?

Cost savings

It is the most obvious benefit you can get from buying used x-ray machine, but it is still a favorable advantage. The cost of establishing a practice or a small clinic is high. When this cost is breakdown into what expense covers the most, it was found out that equipment and basic supplies are the top contributors. Every dollar should be considered and hence purchasing refurbished medical equipment is a good option.


Buying something with the label “refurbished” from a reliable company that sells medical equipment, you are assured that these items have undergone rigorous testing and certifications to make them safe and dependable. There are many critical differences among the companies that sell used medical equipment. The best companies are those that are FDA-registered refurbisher and are doing their refurbishment of medical equipment in-house.


Did you know that you are helping the environment when you are buying used x-ray machine? Purchasing a piece of refurbished medical equipment can indirectly reduce the carbon footprint of medical practice and clinics. It is difficult to find ways to be environmentally friendly especially when it comes to supplies and medical equipment. However, purchasing the x-ray machine is a smart and safe way to act responsibly in an eco-friendly way in your medical practice.

Customer Service

By going through the used medical equipment route, you will enjoy a variety of benefits for you. One of this benefit is the customer service that you will receive from your vendor. They will provide you with the right support should there be issues with your x-ray machine. This makes you feel more at ease purchasing that machine with the high standards attached to it. Almost all of them offer guarantees or warranties on all their used medical equipment.


Although you will not see this upfront, the advantage of buying a used x-ray machine has been there all the time. If you buy the latest and greatest model of the machine, you only know little about it, and many unknown problems may arise. Unlike an older model that is time-tested, and all its minor breakdown repaired, there are many technicians available to service the machine.

Good as new

Since a refurbished x-ray is tested to ensure quality control, upgraded with new parts and calibrated, it is safe to say that the refurbished machine is as “good as new.” Many of those have a variety of warranty packages, and the installation and delivery are included.