We take diseases very seriously. We make it a point that no sneeze goes unnoticed, episodes of cough are worked upon with some remedy and headaches are catered to as soon as possible. As and when humans age, new problems brew up—most of them curable by popping some pills, while some need to go through the whole procedure.

But one plain and simple cause of diseases is bad oral and dental hygiene. Research suggests that 1 in 10 two-year-olds are victim to tooth cavities. For instance, common perceptions that so-called “milk teeth” are destined to fall off, so even if there’s a cavity in them, parents just let it go. Not only does this harm the kid’s gums, but there’s a big chance of severe dental problems in the future.

Kids are not responsible enough to take care of their overall hygiene, let alone their dental health. So, it’s the parent’s responsibility to take care of it. But a parent’s duty doesn’t stop at teaching kids the habit of brushing twice a day, and there’s more to dental hygiene than that. In the age where prevention is better than cure, a visit to Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics might take all of your baby’s problems away.

Pediatric Dentistry to the Rescue

A pediatrician caters to the welfare and well-being of kids. We’ve made thousands of visits to the paediatrician with our kid(s), and now’s the time to hit the pediatric dentist’s office. A dentist visit doesn’t have to occur when your child wakes up in the middle of the night with unbearable toothaches. It should be scheduled and planned following various factors like developmental milestones and the child’s age.

If you are wondering what goes down at a pediatric dentist’s office, here are some of the things that you and your kid will go through on that dentist visit:

Teeth Checkup

It all starts with a peek inside of your little one’s mouth. Pediatric dentists are the friendliest people out there, and they make your kid feel at ease. A teeth checkup is done to determine what’s going on inside the little patient’s mouth. Everything is examined, and every tooth is thoroughly checked. After this, we move on to the next step of a dental checkup for your kids.

Gum Checkup

Like a tree needs strong roots and fertile soil to grow healthy, a child’s tooth needs healthy gums to hold on. It is very crucial to ensure that the child’s gums are healthy because they lay the foundation to the overall dental hygiene. Problems like swollen and bleeding gums hinder the teeth growth in children. Hence, the root cause has to be treated ASAP.

Damage Control

Once teeth and gums are examined and the problem is discovered, a pediatric dentist gets to work to fix it up. Damage control might be as simple as changing toothpaste and toothbrush or recommending braces to the little patient. Either way, an excellent pediatric dentist walks the patient (and parents) through the whole process and whatever s/he plans to do.

Kids Happy Teeth is Spreading Smiles all over

The Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics is casting smiles all over Canton-GA. We understand a parent’s worries and concerns when s/he takes the kids to the dentist, and experienced pediatricians at Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics do too. That is why their kid-friendly office is nothing less than a playground for your little one. Your kid might not like going to the dentist for the first time, but one Kids Happy Teeth visit later, s/he’d be looking forward to your next visit.

Let’s get to the point—dental problems are one of the biggest causes of kids missing school and here are some suggestions to ensure good dental health and hygiene for your kids.

Dental Hygiene Tips for Kids

If we teach them young, they’ll never move it out of their minds. That is why instilling good oral habits, and dental hygiene is crucial for parents. Here are some tips for you to follow:

We know that oral habits are not enough, but it’s an excellent place to start. Make your kid realize what good oral habits do—tell them about the plaque, how brushing teeth removes it and how it keeps teeth white, apart from brushing, mouthwash and floss.

Teach your kids that a dentist’s visit is essential. Don’t make it sound like a punishment; instead, make it a good habit. Remember to pitch the “prevention is better than cure” lesson.

Dental Problems? No More!

Never had we thought that a visit to the pediatric dentist would solve so many problems, eh? Well, that’s what it takes to keep your kids healthy and away from dangerous diseases. Oral hygiene is critical—don’t ignore it!