uncaFor teen girls and young women who are facing an eating disorder, there are serious health issues that could result. Psychiatric treatment centers that recognize the underlying causes of these increasingly common disorders, as well as the potential health consequences, are uniquely positioned to provide the support and resources girls need. Even though there are three main distinct types of eating disorders, defined as binge eating, anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa, they may overlap. This is only one factor that makes treatment for eating disorders both complex and multifaceted.

Is a Psychiatric Treatment Center the Right Choice?

Perhaps because eating is a natural activity, many loved ones think if they simply urge a teen girl to eat more or assure her she isn’t fat, any related issues will simply resolve themselves. For girls with an eating disorder, recovery is not that simple. There are underlying mental health issues that must be discovered, acknowledged and addressed in order for full recovery to be obtained. A psychiatric care facility may be the ideal treatment environment for those females with an eating disorder.

Why Eating Disorders Must be Addressed at Psychiatric Treatment Facilities

Even the most loving, attentive and focused parents and loved ones often miss the signs a teen girl or young woman who has an eating disorder display until the disease is well established. Well-meaning statements that urge females to eat can provoke them to hide their efforts to reduce calories consumed. Remarks noting how little a young female weighs that are intended to be positive can serve to support her continued efforts to lose weight. A psychiatric treatment center staffed with recovered clinicians who can empathize, while providing evidence based treatment, may be beneficial for young women in need of eating disorder treatment.

Mixed Media Messages Underscore the Need for a Psychiatric Facility

Eating disorders are an extremely serious health condition whose discovery should prompt exploration of the psychiatric treatment facilities geared toward the treatment of adolescent and young adult women. One reason specialized care is needed is because of the unprecedented influence the media, especially social media, has on this particular age group and the mixed messages it sends to females. While teen girls and young women are encouraged to be independent and to be themselves, on one hand, the body shaming and bullying that happens to females that do not fit into the typical parameters of society can be damaging to their still-developing psyches.

“Is There an Inpatient Psychiatric Facility Near Me?”

Many teen girls and young women who need treatment at a psychiatric care facility often ask, “is there an inpatient psychiatric facility near me?” While it is natural for individuals to want to be near their friends, family and other loved ones while they are undergoing treatment for an eating disorder, in some cases, it may not be possible. The best psychiatric care facility for a particular individual could be located in their own neighborhood or it could be several states away.

When searching for a psychiatric treatment center for a teen girl or young woman with an eating disorder, it is best to look for a caring facility that offers the support and medical attention needed to achieve true recovery. A warm and caring environment that mimics the home allows young females to develop the skills they need to find their healthy selves on the road to recovery.

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