Working in the medical field can be incredibly rewarding. Not only do you get to work within an industry that carries real prestige, but you also get to fundamentally change the lives of your community on a daily basis. You are the face that inspires confidence that everything is going to be okay and that, truthfully, is priceless. With that being said, nurses get many benefits outside of the workplace thanks to a concerted effort by businesses to reward them appropriately via valuable discounts.

Special Discounts for Professional Nurses

Businesses throughout the country and, in fact, around the world are doing their part in order to give back to nurses that have given so much to their field. Even the smallest of financial breaks can go a long way, especially when nurses are already struggling to make ends meet in relation to the amount of work that they put into their job. In order to help hard-working nurses everywhere, we decided to compile a list of the most viable discounts available to nurses today.

1) Plan The Ultimate Trip With Westgate Resorts.

If you love to travel but get caught up in all of the financial breakdowns along the way, such as hotel and rental car, you could use a little bit of help. Westgate Resorts is a national hotel chain located in every major tourist destination in the country. From Myrtle Beach to Las Vegas, you’ll be able to find an affordable luxury hotel thanks to your nurse’s discount.

2) Spend Your Time At Disney World.

Who wouldn’t love an affordable trip to Walt Disney World? Disney World is one of the most famous theme parks in the world with an annual attendance north of 52 MILLION people. Walt Disney World is located in Florida which already makes it an amazing travel destination for nurses with and without children in their family. Disney World makes sure to prioritize giving back to those that provide such important services to the community: first responders, LEO, military, and nurses. If you want to attend Walt Disney World with a nurses discount, merely call up the ticket hotline or sign up online. When you reach the field to mark your ‘job status’ simply type in that you are a nurse and you’ll be good to go.

3) Tighten Your Finances With Bank Of America.

While nurses discounts are great for traveling and seeing the world, they also offer benefits that are a little more essential to your day-to-day life. At Bank of America, members of the Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing will have access to a special rewards card that gives boosted cash back rates on all purchases. This card also works to directly fund nursing research for future professionals.

4) Fill Out Your Office With Office Depot.

If you love to shop for office supplies but lack the funds to get what you need, flash your nurses’ card at your local Office Depot for some assistance. Office Depot & Office Max honor members of the National Student Nurses’ Association by offering discounts of up to 80% on their products. These massive discounts, along with free shipping and exclusive product access, can help you to round out your office in an instant.

As you can plainly see, nurses have access to many different kinds of discounts. Companies all over the country are doing their best in order to honor the nurses that work so hard in order to keep our loved ones safe, secure and comfortable. While we only touched on a handful of major discount offers that are currently available, you should know that there are countless more discounts out there to take advantage of. Consider communicating with your HR Department for potential access to a master list of discounts that are more relevant and local to the specific area that you are living in.

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