Medical science is constantly evolving and changing due to technological advancements and new and promising medical research. These changes come rapidly and it’s often difficult to keep up with the latest advancements.

As someone interested in this topic, you’ll be happy to know that advances in medicine and other medical breakthroughs happen time and time again. In 2019 alone, we are expected to see four promising treatment options finally come to fruition as medical scientists perfect their cures.

To learn more about the latest upcoming innovations, please stick around and continue reading. We’ll share everything we’ve learned and more with you below.

1. New Hearing Aid Solutions

In 2018, a new hearing aid solution finally began to come about. The latest technological advancements are going to be rolled out heavily in 2019, and people will have the option to upgrade their hearing devices in accordance with the latest changes.

As an example, the Oticon Opn is very impressive, to say the least, and Southern Maine hearing aid providers are very impressed with this development. The reason this hearing aid is so popular is that it provides sound that is very natural for the person wearing it. It handles background noise beautifully and amplifies sound in a smooth, direct fashion which makes this an exciting hearing aid for those suffering from hearing loss.

2. Stem Cell Treatments for Type 1 Diabetes

Medical researchers are working hard to end the plight of those suffering from type 1 diabetes once and for all. They are using stem cells as a way to treat this disease by helping the body generate new insulin-making cells.

As we know, those suffering from type 1 diabetes can no longer generate insulin on their own. They need to inject themselves with insulin multiple times per day, which can be time-consuming, physically draining, and life-threatening if the individual runs out of insulin and doesn’t have easy access to this life-giving resource.

University of Copenhagen scientists believe the immature cells in the pancreas can be developed into islet cells or a different type of cell that produces insulin. With this research, the stem cell treatment experts at BodyPro and other medical research facilities can truly make a miraculous breakthrough that will change the lives of those suffering from type 1 diabetes forever in a positive way.

3. Genome Specific Medication

The human genome was officially sequenced in the summer of 2000. Although that may seem like a long time ago, this genome sequencing has given drug companies the ability to create medication specifically tailored to your individual genome.

These custom-made medicines are going to be specifically designed for a person’s unique genetics. While this isn’t necessarily a reality just yet, it is something on the horizon and it will likely be possible to create these genome tailored medications in 2019.

4. Using Particle Accelerators to Remove Brain Tumors

Out of many medical breakthroughs happening around the world, the ability to use particle accelerators to destroy brain tumors is truly exciting. Instead of having to suffer needlessly with an inoperable growing tumor, doctors can begin using synchrotrons to create intense blasts of light that will pinpoint and eradicate patient brain tumors.

This may seem incredibly far-fetched, but we aren’t too far off from using this wonderful technology. In fact, particle accelerator brain tumor removal should become a regular part of the medical world in 2019 and beyond.

In Closing…

Medical breakthroughs might seem few and far between. But believe it or not, they are happening all the time and the advancements in technology definitely make a big difference. So expect to see the four breakthroughs mentioned here become regular healthcare treatments in the very near future.

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