Thanks to technology, healthcare is making rapid strides in the quality and options of treatment we have. There have been several new trends, software for research such as along with new devices that can solve medical issues like never before.

Some companies are ahead of others in terms of improving employees’ productivity with the help of ClockSpot. Besides, other medical companies are successfully introducing these innovations and making them available to the public.

Want to know who they are?

We’ll discuss some examples below.

1. Abionic

This is a Swiss company that has made several advancements in the field of allergy diagnosis. By availing the tests from this company, you might be able to test for allergies in five to twenty minutes without just a single drop of blood. This could help in diagnosing allergies in children early on, leading to timely treatment and avoidance of contaminants.

2. Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia has made great progress in the past few decades in improving the survival of premature babies. This research is specifically done on those who were born before twenty-eight weeks.

To provide a better environment for such babies, this hospital has created an artificial womb to mimic the natural environment for a fetus. By providing a protective barrier, fluid exchange, and umbilical vascular access, the womb helps the premature babies adapt better with their fluid-filled lungs.

3. Proteus Digital and Otsuka Pharmaceutical

This pharmaceutical company has received clearance for the FDA to launch the first ever digital medicine. These involve using pills like ingestible devices, such as cameras or sensors. The purpose of this innovation is brilliant; these devices monitor our bodies from the inside and also deliver the drugs in new, more effective ways.

The company has produced a pill named Abilify. When swallowed, the pill transmits a signal that confirms the ingestion of the tablet. This tends to be useful for elderly patients for the diagnose of various medical conditions.

4. National Institute of Health’s Clinical Center Rehabilitation

This institute is working with prosthetic technology and trying to make it better for everyone. It’s using exoskeletons to help disabled children walk and be more in control of their bodies. These devices, when attached to a child’s legs, help in providing the power, posture, and gait needed to walk properly. They might result in some power issues, but this technology has helped several kids walk without assistance.

5. Rani Therapeutics

This is another medical company that’s researching and coming up with ways to take large-molecule drugs orally. These include insulin, which currently can only be taken through an injection. With the pill innovated by Rani Therapeutics, diabetic patients will be able to swallow a tiny pill that injects the drug into the intestines using tiny needles.

These dissolvable pills release the needles and allow the drug to benefit the body. Other pills with sensors are also being developed to measure stomach contents, body temperature, pH, and other information to help health experts.

6. Boston Children’s Hospital

Boston Children’s Hospital has partnered with Harvard University to develop a heat sleeve. This sleeve provides a sort of cardiac massage that helps the blood move throughout the body. This is a much better option than the traditional heart pump, which has to come into direct contact with the organ. Since that could cause several issues, this is a praiseworthy step for the safety of heart patients.

The Boston Children’s Hospital also helps patients that have one-sided heart failure. It does so by using soft actuators that go into the interventricular septum. This is a gentle yet powerful action that helps out one side of the heart but doesn’t affect the healthy part. This is also designed not to directly touch the heart.

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