Specialized devices make many kinds of work easier, and that’s undoubtedly true in health care. Here are five products that help doctors, nurses and other medical professionals excel in their work.

1. AccuVein AV400 Vein Viewing System

This streamlined gadget for the medical sector shows a digital map of a person’s veins on a screen, helping health professionals start IVs faster and reducing discomfort for patients.

The device detects veins up to 10 millimeters deep, and it weighs only 9.7 ounces, making it highly portable. Moreover, the AccuVein AV400 works in any direction on a person’s body.

2. QuantuMDx Q-POC

This portable molecular diagnostic device allows health professionals to get results about blood, tissue, urine and more in 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the complexity of the test. The Q-POC includes a battery-operated, portable device, plus a complementing app.

A user merely has to put a sample into a “cassette” that gets inserted into the primary device, then press a button to start the analysis of the sample.

Some of the potential applications for the Q-POC are to detect malaria and HPV or to carry out drug susceptibility tests on tuberculosis patients.

3. iHealth Smart Wireless Gluco-Monitoring System

Paramedics or other health professionals working inside or outside hospital environments often need to check their patients’ blood sugar to rule out problems and begin to understand how best to treat ailments. A portable glucose monitoring system is another especially handy gadget for people in the health field.

Some of today’s most portable options connect to smartphones, and this product from iHealth is a fantastic example of what’s possible.

The gadget itself gives a digital readout, but the smartphone app shows helpful metrics that profile how a person’s blood sugar statistics have changed over time. The device provides clinically approved accuracy and displays results in only five seconds.

4. Alpha HT10 Tablet

Weighing just over two pounds, the Alpha HT10 has an ergonomic design with left and right bumper grips, making the tablet easy to carry. The gadget’s rugged build is splash-proof and can be sprayed with a cleaner and wiped dry.

The tablet’s touchscreen even responds to people wearing exam gloves. This gadget also comes with an RFID reader for scanning codes on supplies or identification badges.

5. Philips Lumify Portable Ultrasound Machine

This ultra-practical option features a handheld transducer to plug into a tablet or smartphone that has an accompanying app. Professionals can also opt to use the Reacts feature, which brings people together in a conference call-like app to view ultrasounds and give opinions about them in real time. This HIPAA-compliant solution also offers a pointer to help users draw attention to points of interest.

Each Lumify machine comes with a six-month free trial of Reacts, and that period provides two access codes. After that, people need to sign up for a subscription to keep using that part of the service.

People using Lumify in their work subscribe to a plan for using the ultrasound transducer, too. It’s also possible to buy transducers with preset features for gallbladder or OB/GYN exams that could speed diagnoses and make them more accurate than before. Plus, a subscription includes automatic updates that keep the technology up to date for optimal performance.

6. Stethee Electronic Stethoscope

Many of the pioneering health gadgets available break the boundaries of belief until people learn about them and incorporate them into their practice environments. That’s because they’re so high-tech and the integrated technology they offer is so outstanding and forward-thinking. Something that sets the Stethee apart is that it uses artificial intelligence (AI) to evaluate heart rhythms.

Besides using Stethee to hear a patient’s heartbeat conventionally, people can amplify or filter out sounds, as well as record them. The AI feature comes into play with the recorded sounds because it analyzes them during playback. A machine-learning element means Stethee gets more intelligent with frequent exposure to individual heart sound samples.

Stethee is a round device that connects to an app and a pair of headphones or earbuds. This design makes the gadget simple to transport, such as during travel nursing assignments or relief work in disaster zones.

Gadgets for Provider Convenience and Improved Quality of Care

The well-engineered items on this list cater to the specific needs of health professionals as they strive to improve patient outcomes.

So, the benefits they bring are twofold, as the products help medical professionals work more productively and lead to enhanced insights that give people the care they need to get or stay healthy.

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