We’ve talked extensively about the problem with provider directories. It’s a fundamental issue in healthcare administration and many of our processes are built on top of it. I’ve called it healthcare’s ultimate death by paper cut. Today we’re going to talk about solutions. On this episode, I talk with Gunjan Siroya, Principal Partner at Netspective, about RosterSource. It’s an open source industry platform that enables physician roster data exchange across systems and organizations, securely and in real-time.

0:00 Setting the stage for today’s discussion on Provider Directories.

3:14 What is RosterSource? RosterSource enables you to communicate securely without additional burden to the provider or practice.

6:19 How do you send data from provider to payer without extra work? RosterSource created a platform for exchanging real time physician demographics through a centralized hub that can be accessed by whoever the provider allows.

8:37 Each practice or health system has a Node. This Node is software with a collector agent, extraction agent, aggregation agent, harmonization agent, and an access agent. Provider maintains complete control of their data.

11:30 Now, if everyone gets a node, everyone can communicate. Here is how the software works.

16:57 Aggregation is within that health system. There are many departments that require this data and each need different elements of the data within their own unique context.

19:38 Different health systems will have their data pulled in an EHR specific way. The harvesting agent is the only thing different in each Node. The software will send it to the node which then sends cleaned data to the database. The database sends contextualized data to whoever the provider has given access.

20:57 When your health system is Excel spreadsheet based, you’re very reactive to fixing data entry errors and you’re not going to correct the mistake unless a bill bounces or a patient complains. With RosterSource, you’re alerted earlier and accuracy improves. Care coordination and care management will be much simpler.

27:03 What happens to this data when it arrives in the database? Distributed network approach. Version control. When update is complete, everyone gets access to it.

31:05 There’s no central repository. It’s more like a subscription model for updates. Only exchanged between partners. Blockchain concepts without being blockchain. This scalable architecture means you’ll never have to reconfigure your data or change your software.

37:51 What makes sure data is as clean as it could be without guessing what context is needed? Providers can set rules and give feedback for which data goes where and can use algorithms to flag records or guess which option is best.

43:30 How do you pull data with appropriate context? System or provider can pick and, based on workflows, can decide what to do. Can also integrate with other data sources to figure it out.

46:12 The level of detail can help payers more confidently direct and navigate patients.

50:45 Can utilize algorithms to customize how we decide who to trust for our data sources and even get records certified by providers as being correct.

54:33 This is a tool set that enables organizations to trade data, track data, and tweak algorithms over time. Managers can use this data for additional analysis.

55:53 RosterSource is an open source solution, with a membership based organization to drive feature development. All are invited. Individual contributors who want to share or integrate code, you can find us at RosterSource.github.io to find open source code, download software and configure software. Release date set for late August or early September.

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About Gunjan Siroya

Principal Partner at Netspective, Gunjan has 20+ years of experience as global business executive who blends innovative business development, technology, business operations, partner management, marketing and product management strategies to generate revenue and profit growth. Gunjan has helped build collaborative relationships, organizational capability, managed P&L and optimized bottom-line and has deep knowledge of technology services business applying multiple delivery models like Cloud / SaaS, Outsourced and staffing. Most recently, Gunjan was P&L head of Consumer Electronics vertical at HCL Technologies, a $4.5 B global organization, where he led the establishment of the Consumer Electronics business unit. Prior to that, Gunjan has led I.T., Engineering, Infrastructure and Business Process Outsourcing business units across Medical Devices, Payer and Healthcare, Retail, Financial Services and other industries. Gunjan has also ventured into entrepreneurship, leading product development and management of e-Commerce and online solution based business. Gunjan has an Engineering Degree in Digital Electronics.

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About RosterSource

RosterSource as an Open source industry platform, enables physician roster data exchange across systems and organizations, architected to provide universal secure integration capability in real-time.

Healthcare Provider roster changes are difficult to capture and harder to share by a physician practice. Roster updates are done on EHR/EMR, RCM, HR system or maintained in a spreadsheet, but are not integrated with a physician practice website or with supported Health Insurance Plans. This lack of automation adds cost, reduces productivity and can lead to revenue loss or an unsatisfactory patient experience. Healthcare Insurance Plans are on the hook for CMS penalties, forcing manual cross checks for regular physician roster updates. Today’s approaches are inadequate, as they are error prone and add significant cost overhead to Plans and Providers.

RosterSource Platform solves this problem by bringing real-time provider roster data from various internal physician practice systems securely to authorized and practice approved RosterSource users on the RosterSource network. These users can be other peer physician practices or plans that individual providers have contracted with, for healthcare services. The history of all the roster changes including RosterSource address duplication, merger and conflict resolution of the physicians’ roster is maintained.

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