The patients who are suffering from pain cannot have better news than this, that they will be no more suffering from pain. The relief from the pain of any type decreases the anxiety level of the body and sometimes it can make the person go to sleep who was having sleepless nights for days together. The patients who are suffering from periodic pain can really feel the relief from the pain with the use of TENS machine

How to get relief from pain without medication?

You can have relief from pain by using the trans-cutaneous electrical nerves stimulation by the use of TENS machine. This machine works on the theory which is known as gate theory to reduce or eliminate the pain occurring at a particular physical site of the body. This theory says that there is a gate which allows or blocks the signals from the receptive area of the body to the brain. When the very light electrical current is passed through the pads then it blocks the path of the nerves carrying the pain message to the brain. When this message is blocked on the way to the brain, the brain does not experience the pain occurring in a particular part of the body.

Endorphin Release, the theory of pain

This theory states that as the moderate current is passed on the pain affected area then the current activates the nerves producing natural sedative painkiller endorphin which is responsible for reducing and finally eliminating the pain from the affected part of the body by blocking the message of pain from reaching the brain.

How the TENS work?

This machine comes with a monitoring feature along with the treatment area setting and also setting the intensity of current to be passed on the pain affected area. The electrode is applied on the affected area and the current is passed on the specific area through the electrode. The current passes beneath the skin and produces the tingling effect on the nerves and blocks the path of the neuron partially or fully not allowing the pain message to reach the brain. Thus, the patient gets partial or complete relief from pain by the use of TENS machine.

Selecting the best TENS machine

  • The capacity of the machine: This is the most important factor to consider while purchasing the best tens unit. You must check the highest intensity of the current to the lowest intensity of the current flowing in the machine. The highest intensity of the machine should be a little bit intense to mild on the lowest level so that current should be able to block the path of the nerves.
  • Battery life of the machine: The battery life is the factor which should be considered before purchasing the machine. The machine should have a lithium-ion battery which can supply power to the unit, for weeks, if not a month before requiring charging. You should go for the use of TENS machine even if the machine’s initial cost is high as it is going to save a lot of money by requiring less charging than a low-cost machine.

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