Prior authorization is essential for revenue yet creates an onerous burden on physician practices. When surveyed, 86 percent of physicians said their prior authorization requirements had increased over the past year. Seventy-five percent believe that prior authorization places “high or extremely high” burdens on them and their staff. Prior authorization requirements have increased to the point where 41 percent of physicians say they spend up to 20 hours each week on those tasks alone. Perhaps most concerning of all, 90 percent of physicians say that prior authorizations cause delays in the delivery of necessary care.

It’s time to stop the prior authorization madness by implementing prior authorization services from Infinx.

Spending 20 hours a week on any one task except patient care is unacceptable. It’s a double whammy that absorbs physician and staff time in non-reimbursable work, and removes providers from billable patient care time. However, automated, streamlined prior authorization services can return providers to the patient and relieve them of onerous prior authorization tasks. When administrative burdens are reduced the continuity of care improves.

It’s time to implement prior authorization best practices.

Physician practices who implement prior authorization services with Infinx find that workflow is streamlined, administrative time is reduced and patient care is improved. Forms are standardized, data entry is automated, response times are accelerated and patient care can move forward. When manual processes can lead to a day’s delay in payor approval of care, why continue to use them?

When prior authorizations are carried out and tracked by trained experts, revenue stops falling through gaps caused by delays and incorrect information. Infinx provides a dedicated person who doggedly follows every step in the prior authorization process. That means you know exactly where your revenue dollars are. When you streamline prior authorization tasks with Infinx, you streamline revenue flow and increase cash on hand.

How does Prior Authorization work?

Prior authorization should be conducted while the patient is in the practice. The best systems have payor information and updated forms embedded in the system. When the patient’s name is entered, the right prior authorization forms automatically appear, are populated with accurate information from the patient’s electronic medical record and sent to the appropriate payor for approval. That’s what a best practice in prior authorization looks like. It’s fast, accurate, and obtains prior authorizations when you need them – not a day later.

Infinx prior authorization process flow eliminates delays and removes gaps. It streamlines and automates the process so that accuracy is the standard and approval of patient care is received in a timely manner.

Prior authorization may be burdensome, but you can get control of the process for your practice. Implementing Infinx prior authorization process flow can save your practice 20 hours of manual labor each week and obtain authorizations for care in as little as 20 minutes. Once you have the prior authorization in hand, you automatically know what insurance covers and the amount of patient pay. That improves collections at the time of visit and automatically begins to reduce your aging accounts.

Prior authorization experts make the system more precise through their knowledge of of the nuances of medical necessity, CPT-ICD correlations and their extensive experience with Medicare, Medicaid, dual Medicare-Medicaid, and other commercial payors in over 30 states.

Medical Prior Authorization Software

Infinx workflow automation software, iBridge, conducts prior authorization tasks while the patient is in the office. It seamlessly handles medical insurance verification, patient pay estimates and pre-authorizations in one platform. As it conducts these three pre-registration tasks it frees up staff time and vastly improves revenue. iBridge is one software solution that increases reimbursements through accuracy and efficiency.

  • Insurance verification: When you know what is covered and your patient knows what they must pay – payment arrangements significantly increase revenue.
  • Patient pay estimates: With iBridge patient access software, patient insurance is verified and patient financial responsibilities clarified. Your staff can inform patient, collect co-pays, engage them in payment plan
  • Prior authorization: Compliance with insurance company guidelines are automatic because the system updates standard forms, eliminating inaccuracies that can delay authorizations for care.
  • iBridge combines patient information, clinical and insurance documents and inputs it into the software to determine insurance coverage and patient pay amounts. If prior authorization is needed, it rapidly places the request into Smart Queue and obtains authorization for care. This enables providers to deliver care without delay while the patient is in the office. It also streamlines staff ability to fill the schedule with authorized visits. Your practice knows before the patient arrives that care is covered. That is revenue in the door.

How to Speed Up Prior Authorization with Infinx

The data shows how iBridge performs. The software platform reduces standard medical prior authorizations from days to under 2 hours and STAT prior authorizations are obtained in 20 minutes. That’s fast care- that’s fast revenue approval.

The fact is that you do not have to be in the 90 percent of physicians who say that prior authorization tasks delay their patient care. With Infinx iBridge software, medical authorizations are timely  – and downright rapid when emerging conditions are present.

That’s because iBridge pre-populates forms according to payor requirements, adds clinical notes, CPT codes, and the diagnosis. The software communicates with insurers through a secure electronic document interface, saving time and vastly improving revenue flow.

Outsource Your Precertification Process

It’s time to bring burdensome prior authorization tasks to their knees and control them on your terms. When you outsource prior authorization tasks to Infinx you get a team of experts working for you every day. They handle all prior authorization tasks, ensure they are streamlined, automated, updated and in compliance with the rigorous requirements of each of your payors. They doggedly pursue each and every task, making sure it is completed and that revenue is yours.

You can eliminate the many hours you and your staff spend on prior authorization tasks. You can increase patient care time and improve timely authorizations for the delivery of care. Make delays and burdensome administrative tasks a thing of the past with the implementation of iBridge prior authorization software.

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