Virtual doctor appointments allow you to seek help as long as you have a phone and an Internet connection. But what happens if you need lab work? There are ways to get a lab requisition online and have the results in hand quickly. Here is how the process works.

Begin With a Virtual Physician Visit

If you have a virtual consultation with your doctor and tests are needed, the process for setting up a lab requisition begins while that visit is in progress. The doctor decides if you need to be tested for signs of certain viral or bacterial infections, nutritional levels, good or bad cholesterol, or whatever should be checked. Before your time with the doctor is over, you will know what sort of tests are needed, and how to go about ensuring they are done in a timely manner. The exact process will depend on factors like your location and what it will take to fulfill those lab requisitions online.

Provide the Information Needed to Order the Tests

Completing the basics for the laboratory test requisition online involves spending time with a patient care professional. You will talk with this professional after meeting with the doctor. The goal is to verify all your contact information and provide instructions on what you need to do next. You may be given a specific lab to visit, along with the date and time for an appointment. In some cases, you may be instructed to wait while specimen containers and instructions for submitting the specimens are delivered to your home.

Receive a Copy of the Requisition

It’s not unusual for the patient to receive a copy of the laboratory requisition even if the specimens will be submitted using some sort of courier service. The goal is to ensure that you have the details of what tests were authorized and can match them with the results.

Follow the Instructions for Submitting Specimens and Wait for Your Results

If you are going in for the testing, take along a copy of the lab tests requisition just in case. While the lab should have a copy handy, your copy could some in handy if the transmission between the doctor’s office and the lab did not work for some reason.

When you are to prepare specimens and have them sent to the lab, follow the instructions that come with the containers to the letter. Make sure there is no chance for contamination, and that the specimens are properly sealed. Always use the authorized courier, since this will ensure everything arrives at the lab in a timely manner.

From there, it’s a matter of waiting for the results. You may be copied on the results sent to your doctor. A more likely scenario is that you are notified when the results are sent to your physician. This allows you to arrange a follow-up virtual visit with the physician to go over the results.

From lab requisition form for blood tests to testing A1C levels to monitoring issues with cholesterol, there are all sorts of tests that can be arranged through a virtual doctor visit. Provide your full cooperation and the answers needed to ensure you receive proper treatment will be in the hands of you and your doctor quickly and efficiently.

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