Many might ask the question, why keto diet? Well, because it is not only effective in losing weight but also enhances your mental focus and helps in combating Diabetes Type II.

You must be thinking keto diet might mean eating tasteless boring food. Well, it’s not true. Keto is a complete diet. You can eat so many foods to meet your macros. There are many types of foods and dishes you can make to hit your daily fat, protein and carbs intake.

The food list you can eat on keto is endless. Here are the 20 best foods to eat on Keto Diet. Make sure to add them to your keto grocery list.


Avocados will be your new best friend if you get to know the number of delicacies you can make with it. Avocados can be used to make dips for vegetables or can be used as a bowl to bake eggs. You can also sprinkle salt and pepper over it and have it directly.


What can be better than eggs for easy and fast snacks? Just boil them or make an omelet, poached or scrambled eggs are thus a wide variety of egg delicacies to gorge on while on a keto diet.

Dark chocolate

You cannot get rid of sweet cravings and when you have a sweet tooth, you certainly should compromise with it. Try out dark chocolates for that rich, creamy and slightly sweet flavor which will not only help your keto diet but will also lift your mood as shown by studies.


Choosing fish in your keto diet is a win-win condition in so many levels. placid in texture and flavor, fatty fish like wild salmon has flows of fat that will help in keeping you energized as it has also got high protein.


Yeah! You read it right! One of the best ways to relish on cheese while on a keto diet is to bake them into scrumptious crisps.

Natural nut and seed butter

Almond butter, sunflower seed butter and peanut butter are your perfect options while on a keto diet.


Pepperettes also was known as ‘snacking sausage’ can be your best replacement for abrupt cravings while on a keto diet.


Raspberries are low in carbohydrates, therefore, while missing your fruit craving on a keto diet, you can always cast your vote to raspberries.

Seeds and Nuts

Sesame seeds, macadamia nuts, almonds, walnuts, and pecans are some of the greatest options to rely on while on a keto diet.

Grass-fed beef

Enjoy a beef burger with low carb vegetables so that you don’t miss your daily dose of mouth-watering junk food.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil not only makes your food delicious and adds a flavor of its own, it also adds great health benefits while on a keto diet.


Substitutes for bread crumbs and easily adaptable to any food, flaxseed is a BIG yes while on a keto diet.


Broccoli, kale, cauliflower, cucumber, spinach, sprouts, zucchini and obviously spaghetti squash are a great option of low carb veggies to add on your keto diet.


Preparing spreads, dips, and salad dressing with mayonnaise will surely work as a magic to your taste buds.


A combination of coffee with coconut oil and butter will make your coffee ‘bulletproof’ which will give you that extra boost of energy.

Almond flour

Almond flour mixed oil, baking powder, and an egg can be baked into a BREAD in one minute, which will excite your evening snacks palate.


Choosing a natural sweetener substitute solution like stevia is an amazing way to relieve your sugar cravings.

Unbreaded chicken wings

To make your dining experience both healthy and tasty, ask for unbreaded chicken wings served with hot sauce.

Shirataki noodles

Made from konjac yum, it is low in calories and works as a great substitute for regular noodles.


Try out spinach, artichoke, guacamole dips with your snacks, which is allowed while on a keto diet.

There are many delicious to eat on this diet. You will never get bored. Start experimenting with your diet today!

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