Heidelberg 15.03.2018 – Getsafe is now offering developers an API for integrating insurance products into third-party apps, the first to include health insurance options.

Through Getsafe’s new API, healthcare providers such as medical offices are now able to offer easily accessible health insurance products to their patients, particularly those who avoid booking much-needed appointments because of high costs. Patients now have an easy way to get instant coverage prior to booking their appointment, avoiding potentially costly surprises after their procedure.

The Getsafe API can be integrated into new or existing apps simply by adding a line of code or inserting the Getsafe widget. More hands-on healthcare providers will be happy to know that the option of manual integration is also available, handing over full control to developers.

Marius Blaesing, co-founder and CTO at Getsafe, says his company is the “first health insurance provider with an API approach,” enabling direct access to the complex infrastructure of health insurance technology. “From independent dentists to larger health systems, all providers can use our new healthcare API that can be connected and tailored to their needs,” says Blaesing. “We’re pleased to work with healthcare providers to help streamline booking for practices at the forefront of innovation.”

Today’s API launch comes only a few weeks after Getsafe’s insurance launch. Since late 2017, Getsafe, a pioneer in all-in-one insurance policy, has been supplying modular insurance that can be taken out in just 3 minutes. In addition to speed, their service boasts 24/7 availability through their AI bot, Carla, who can check claims and transfer money within minutes.

Getsafe’s “Routine care” module, one of three available in the dental package, includes a prophylaxis teeth cleaning that is cheaper than the fees charged by most dentists, presenting clear advantages to the patient. Getsafe hopes the new API coupled with its instant coverage will dramatically increase the number of patients receiving a yearly professional clean, as recommended by dentist associations around the world.

Developer and businesses can apply for early access to become one of the first Getsafe API partners here: www.hellogetsafe.com/en-de/api .

About Getsafe

Getsafe is one of the trailblazers of the European insurtech scene. The Germany-based startup brings the concept of comprehensive insurance (as provided by e.g. Axa or Allianz) into the digital age. Customers can take out, change or cancel an insurance policy, paper-free and in real time, in the Getsafe app. Even filing a claim can be done using the AI powered app. Getsafe is backed by notable partners and leading venture capital investors including Partech Ventures and Commerzbank.

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