Dental health has greatly improved over the years, offering better solutions to oral problems. This has been due to involvement of dentistry with technology, making it durable, natural looking and comfortable for patients. Many dental patients have highly benefited from the new techniques being used by dentists today. Moreover, dental procedures have been made easier and affordable. The dentistry field is constantly improving so as to provide the best help a patient require.

Let us look at the advances in Dental Technology.

Dental Implants

They are root replacement of a missing tooth. The implant is kept to integrate with the jaw bone. The procedure can be conducted to almost every adult who may feel the need to replace a missing tooth. Moreover, with the improved dental procedure one can receive a crown immediately after tooth extraction, unlike before when one was supposed to wait for six months. They are effective in teeth replacement and also giving a patient a feeling of natural look.

Digital X-rays

They are faster; therefore, one is exposed to lesser radiations when compared to conventional x-rays. Whenever a dentist conducts a digital x-ray they are able to view the tooth image in a computer within a short time. This enables them to zoom for clear view and diagnose the specific problem.

Sedation Dentistry

Initially, dentist used needles so as to inject in drugs to sedate patients. This is quite uncomfortable for those people who hate and fear needles. Currently, oral sedation is being used, whereby various form of dental sedation like use of oral conscious sedation and nitrous oxide. They enable a patient to remain relaxed and calm during dental visits. Most dental hospitals have adopted it like Houston Sedation Dentistry. It can be used during procedures like dental implants and root canals.


They are invisible braces that enhance teeth lining and straightening. They are comfortable and easy to use. Also, they can’t be compared to traditional teeth metal braces that are heavy and always visible whenever you open your mouth. One can use them without people noticing and require less time to straighten the teeth. Moreover, they don’t inhibit the kind of food one should eat and they are easy to clean.

Carriers Detection Solution

Most teeth problem are caused by dirt that lead to infections. If one can ensure their teeth are sparkling clean at all time then they will rarely have issues with their teeth. The caries detection solution is a dye that is smeared so as to eliminate tooth decay from the oral part that has been administered dental treatment. In the same aspect, there is the plaque disclosing tablet that is used after brushing teeth and marks spots that have not been cleaned properly.

Optical Scanner

They are capable of creating a 3D replica dental structure providing a digital map of the tooth. They help in analyzing an accurate analysis for teeth cosmetic restorations conducted in dental labs like crowns, bridges, and porcelain veneers.

Laser Dentistry

Traditionally, whenever one had a tooth cavity problem, the dentist used a tool known as the “explorer” to look out for cavities. It would poke around the tooth which is uncomfortable and painful. In case it stuck, the dentist would take a closer look to find if the tooth had decay. Nowadays, dentist to a higher technological option for detecting and removing cavities which is the laser method. It uses a laser that determine presence of decay, then the dentist advises the patient accordingly, whether to remove or fill the tooth.

The Wand

It’s a computerized tool that has been designed to deliver anesthesia in a methodical and slow manner. In teeth operation anesthesia injections can be really painful. Use of the ward makes injection pain free and the whole process more comfortable.

To sum up, dentistry has a great eye on technology making oral health better, less painful, and more comfortable. You don’t have to avoid visiting a dentist because you fear injections or you think there can be no solution for your teeth problem. Dental health has come up with updated designs, machines, techniques, and drugs offering variety of dental solutions. It doesn’t matter what your oral problem is, there are many dental technologies your dentist can use, just go for what is comfortable for you.

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