At some point in your life, odds are you’ve struggled with acne. For most of us the battle for clear skin is fought during the teen years, but for some breakouts continue well into adulthood and can spike, seemingly without cause, at any time. Maintaining a steady routine of cleansing, toning and moisturizing isn’t always enough.

The truth is acne can be caused by both hormonal and environmental factors, among other things. By keeping your skin clean, and maintaining a healthy diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, you can give your body the nutrients it needs to build healthy skin. Acne treatments can be costly, and often success can be hit and miss. Today we’re going to give you insight on six great herbal options for keeping your skin fresh and healthy.

Apple Cider Vinegar

The long-time staple of pantries, apple cider vinegar also has numerous applications in your bathroom cabinet. After cleansing, use apple cider vinegar in place of your chemical toner – use a cotton pad to gently wipe it across your whole face, paying particular attention to the troublesome T-zone. Apple cider vinegar can be a successful treatment for acne as it is chock full of natural enzymes that work to kill harmful bacteria, and those bacteria can be the root of acne breakouts.

Tea Tree Oil

Another natural medicine cabinet staple, tea tree oil, has been found effective as a spot treatment for acne. Again, this remedy works because tea tree oil is an anti-bacterial agent. Simply dilute 6 drops of tea tree oil in one teaspoon of a quality carrier oil such as coconut or jojoba. Dab this solution directly onto trouble spots to fight a breakout.


Consistent cleansing is the key to happy skin, but it is important that you cleanse your face gently. Honey is an exceptional ingredient for gentle face washing, as it provides a nutrient-rich moisturizer as well as antibacterial support, and antioxidants to fend off the visible signs of aging.

Aloe Vera

Most people know that aloe vera is a great soothing agent for skin that has been burned or damaged, but did you realize aloe vera not only nourishes and protects the skin from within, and can also help acne scars heal? The best thing about it is aloe vera needs no special preparation, you simply break a piece of the plant off and rub the juices directly onto your skin.


Lemon juice applied directly to the face can work as a powerful astringent. This helps keep pores healthy by not only flushing out toxins, but also by tightening them at the end of your facial cleansing routine. Alternatively, include the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon in the pot during your steam cleanse to enhance the effects, by purifying your pores.

Burdock Root

An ancient remedy for inflammation, burdock root extract is great for many skin conditions. Burdock is particularly helpful in the fight against acne because it provides anti-inflammatory support, to soothe irritations, as well as bringing antibacterial muscle to help eliminate one of the key causes of acne.

These are just six in a pantheon of natural remedies that you can use to design your best skin care plan. While skin care trends are easy to be swept away by, there are three things all good skin care regimens have in common. First, a consistent cleansing routine, ensuring you cleanse, tone, and moisturize daily. Second, a healthy diet that gives your skin the nutrients for a healthy glow. And third, regular restful sleep to provide your skin a chance to detoxify and rehydrate.

Useful Apps

Since technology is nearly touching every aspect of our lives, you can now use some interesting apps for your acne, as the ones shown below:


As mentioned in Wired, this iPhone app enables you to get prescription drugs for your acne. It s trying to give the user a better experience than that of visiting a dermatologist. As Ray Bradford, Founder & CEO of Spruce Health, says: “Only twenty percent or so of people who have acne bother seeing a dermatologist at all. An app like Spruce vastly reduces the activation energy required to get treatment.”


As mentioned in the MDacne’s website, MDacne is considered the number one ranked acne app in the US and UK Apple App Store and is being used by people with acne all around the world. MDacne analyzes your acne and provides you a personal skin routine. It also provides you with a personal treatment plan built by board certified dermatologists  in order to match your specific skin type, and more.

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