Apart from being an important organ of the body system, skin plays a major role in the beauty or attractiveness of an individual. A clean and healthy skin also indicates that the body of the individual is in a good and healthy state. This is why people, especially women are constantly looking for skin care tips on the internet, plus their vanity is flocked with different beauty products that are marketed in such a way that they are left with no other option than to purchase it.

But, when it comes to skin care, the hype can be quite different from the reality. Here we have 5 of those myths uncovered about skin care. Take a look:

1st Myth: You Don’t Have To Use A Sunscreen On Cloudy Days

Fact: sunscreen is something you must apply both indoors and outdoors every single day whether the sky is clear or cloudy. This is because the harmful UVA & UVB rays from the sun can penetrate the clouds and harm your skin, if you are not wearing sunscreen. In fact many dermatologists have also found that these UV rays can also cut through the glass windows, making you unsafe at homes and even while traveling in a car. Therefore they suggest that you must always wear a broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF 20-30 and protect your skin from harmful UVA & UVB rays. Check for ingredients like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

2nd Myth: Cleansing, Toning And Moisturising Your Skin On A Regular Basis Is A Must In A Skin Care Routine

Fact: these three procedures might have worked for some women in the past, but now things have changed. The environment is more polluted and the climatic conditions have changed. If you are living in an area with dry weather conditions, then keeping your skin moisturized is vital, but if you live in a humid region where your skin rarely dries up (unless dry skin), using a moisturizer makes your skin prone to breakouts. On the other hand, a toner if used regularly can disturb the pH balance of your skin that can lead to itchiness and irritation. You can, however, use a gentle toner once a day if your skin is oily. A gentle cleanser is a must in summers and one with moisturizer should be preferred in winters. CTM is definitely not a necessary regime necessary for everyone.

3rd Myth: You Can Get Rid Of Acne By Simply Popping Your Pimples

Fact: this is in fact the worse of things that you can do to remove acne from your skin. By picking the pimples yourself, you might get a relief that the offending bump on your face has flattened. But, the aftermath of picking the pimples pose drastic effects on your skin causing irritation and unpleasant scars. Secondly, as acne is not just on the superficial skin, therefore when popped, the inflammation goes deeper causing the infection to spread and leading to another pimple. All you must do is cleanse your face with a gentle cleanser and apply a medicated cream on the acne until gone. Do not touch it, this too is bad and can pose greater health risk.

4th Myth: You Must Do Regular Facials To Maintain The Glow And Youth Of The Skin

Fact: beauticians and spa owners have perpetuated the myth of getting facials done regularly to make your skin look good and young. However, according to various researches, it was concluded that around 80% of women experienced breakouts after facials. This is because, requirements of every skin differ according to their skin type. It is not necessary that the same facial which suits your friend will also suit you. Moreover, the beauticians hardly have any knowledge about the skin types and facial ingredients. Possibility is that you might even have a bad reaction to some ingredient in a particular facial. The best thing to do is using a mild exfoliating cleanser daily to remove the dirt and dead cells from the skin.

5th Myth: All Expensive Products Are Effective

Fact: there is a misconception about skin care products that if it is expensive, it surely will be effective. Whenever you go out for shopping for some sunscreen, moisturizer or any other skin care product, don’t blindly pick the most expensive one. Check out the list of ingredients on the product and find out if it will suit your skin. Revitol ingredients are natural and suit everyone. Though it is a reality that some exotic ingredients are the reason for the high price of some products. But these don’t make them effective for you. Look for the ingredients that are good for your skin. You might even get the best one at a reasonable price.

#6 Myth: Exfoliate Regularly To Have A Flawless Skin

Fact: A lot of women believe that exfoliation is the easiest method of getting a flawless skin though this is far from reality. Exfoliation is not needed by every skin type on a regular basis and in every season. For example, dry skin needs to be exfoliated more often depending on the flakiness and in winters this problem may aggravate too. Oily skin type need not be exfoliated that often. It might become necessary in winters to exfoliate an oily skin, but in hot and humid weather, this type of skin should only be washed with water. Moreover, exfoliation is lethal for an oily skin. Breakouts only get aggravated with scrubbing.

#7 Myth: You Need Not Moisturize An Oily Skin

Fact: Moisturization is equally important for an oily skin as it is for dry skin. A moisturizer is meant for hydrating the skin and not necessarily add oil to it. A moisturizer softens and smoothens the skin by locking the moisture inside. Hence, a lightweight, oil-free moisturizer is ideal for an oily skin. When you buy the right moisturizer, you are doing your skin a great favor. It will control breakouts, control shine and maintain the youthfulness of the skin.

Apps Useful For Skin Care

With apps available for almost everything, how can skincare be left behind. Whatever be your need, as per your skin type – it’s available on the internet. Wanna know what all products will suit your skin, use mySkin on iPhone and iPad. Planning your day but don’t want to expose your skin much to the sun, MyUVAlert gives local, real-time information on UVA and UVB rays to plan things ahead. Also gives sunscreen re-application reminders thus helping you stay safe from the sun. Think Dirty tells you how toxic your products are. Isn’t it a great idea when we know not all brands reveal all the ingredients?

Well, this and many more amazing apps are there to help you in your skin care. Just do some hunting on the web, you will definitely find an app as per your need. Happy Skin!

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