Healthcare is our common interest, and it is something every single one of us needs to focus on everyday in order to ensure we are happy, healthy and any health or medical issues that come up are dealt with quickly and efficiently. Today there are tons of applications which focus on healthcare and provide healthcare related assistance, may they be preventive, monitoring or other sort of applications.

The first health related applications were developed for sportsmen and sportswomen who need  constant monitoring of their heart rate and other bodily functions, in order to ensure that their training brings the best out of them. The first independent heart rate monitors for runners and running watches and bands came to the market about 15 years ago and have been successful ever since. However now, that most people are using mobile phones for nearly anything, it is all natural that today you can download tons of health related applications onto your mobile phone. Even more, iPhones come with health related apps by default too.

Seamgen is a high level app design and development company that works with a great, high quality team with sound experience in terms of app design for both Android and iOS devices and who constantly works to provide high quality apps, either straight to the users or for 3rd parties.  In this post we would like to present some of the most popular healthcare apps created by Seamgen.


This is a real revolutionary all-in-one app which knows how to monitor tons of things. The app can be downloaded on both mobile devices and desktops, and apart from having the ability to deal with tons of things it deals with the diagnosis of paroxysmal positional vertigo. The high level app also uses the device’s camera in order to monitor eye and body movements and head movements in order to set a proper diagnosis. Going even further, with the help of the camera, the app is literally able to read someone’s eye: it would focus on the pupil’s movement, track and monitor it and also has the ability to make recordings which patients can later represent to their doctors.


This is a patient care platform which Seamgen has produced for the large healthcare company called Wellmed. This is an absolute complex yet easy to handle healthcare platform where patients or patients to-be can read and learn tons of important healthcare related information, they can join health insurance programs and book Medicare plans according to their current state and age. The application is much more than a simple informative platform. It also has health monitoring capabilities. Although the app was initially designed in 2011 thanks to continuous updating it’s still among the best in the healthcare app business.

These were only two out of the many healthcare related applications Seamgen is dealing with. To learn more about their healthcare apps please check out their website

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