Health is wealth” is a common phrase that virtually everyone of us has heard before. But did you know that your brain needs to be just as healthy as every other part of your body in order to function properly? In fact, the health of your brain directly impacts your entire body because the brain controls how the rest of the body functions.

Some Facts about the Human Brain

The human brain is a very important organ that stores information and serves as the human memory bank. The brain is also the emotional center of the body and carries out all the cognitive functions for the body. According to experts, the brain’s capacity to store a huge amount of information is unlimited, but its ability to recall stored up data is limited.

Several factors like fatigue, ageing, and poor nutrition can pose a threat to your brain’s health, thereby reducing your mental performance. That’s where brain boosters or brain supplements come in to help enhance the function of your brain. Which brings us to the subject of the day – NOOTROPICS.

Brain Enhancers

Many of you might have heard of Nootropics but are wondering exactly what they are and what they do. For those of you seeing this word for the first time, it may look really strange. A Nootropic is “a term for a substance that enhances brain health and/or cognitive functions such as memory, focus, processing speed, mental clarity, etc.”Nootropic Geek. The word Nootropic has a Greek origin pronounced “No-uh-TROE-pic”.

Why You Need Brain Enhancers

We have already established that the brain is a fantastic organ in the body, capable of storing, processing, and recalling previously stored up information. But as amazing as the brain may be, it may fail when you need it to function the most. That’s where Nootropics can come in.

There’s several reasons why brain boosters can help out your brain. For instance, brain boosters can enhance concentration, motivation, and your ability to remember things easily. They can also strengthen your power of focus, thereby sharpening your cognitive abilities. The bottom line is that they enhance the overall health of your brain.

Research states that there are about 70 brain nutrients that are considered to be Nootropics that have the power to:

  • Strengthen stress resistance
  • Fight age-related cognitive decline
  • Enhance mood
  • Unleash creativity

There are different types of Nootropic ingredients that perform different functions in the brain, including:

  • Cerebral Circulation Boosters
  • Nootropic Vitamins
  • Brain Energizers
  • Brain Antioxidants
  • Brain Regenerators
  • Brain Wave Modulators
  • Stress Nootropics
  • Racetams

According to Nootropic Geek, there are three basic types of Nootropic supplements:

  1. Standalone supplements: Contain only one ingredient.
  2. Homemade stack supplements: Contain a blend of individual stand-alone supplements combined for specific mental performance benefits.
  3. Premade stack supplements: Supplements already combined by the manufacturer to achieve a certain effect.

Technology can also play an integral part in enhancing your brain’s health. Check out those five of the brain-training apps.

So why not give your brain some boost?

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