A new tool that leverages TrapX’s patented deception technology to lure and defeat ransomware attacks before they can compromise network assets

SAN MATEO, CA — Aug. 25, 2016 — TrapX™, a global leader in deception-based advanced cyber security defense, today announced that it has released CryptoTrap™, a new tool aimed at helping enterprises detect and combat a rising tide of sophisticated ransomware attacks. The CryptoTrap tool, available now, leverages TrapX’s deception technology to deceive attackers and lure them away from an organization’s valuable assets, giving enterprises the ability to detect and remediate ransomware threats before they can further compromise the network and harm critical data. CryptoTrap is free to TrapX paying customers, and is also available free to the public as a 30-day trial.

“Ransomware is a threat that is clearly becoming more pervasive, and as we have seen from numerous successful attacks in 2016, attackers are continuing to walk away with large sums of money and wreak havoc on organizations by holding their valuable assets hostage,” said Greg Enriquez, CEO of TrapX Security. “The challenge now is that cybercriminals are evolving their cryptographic ransomware techniques as they realize just how lucrative this attack method is. TrapX gives organizations a way to combat this growing threat with CryptoTrap, a tool that deceives ransomware by keeping it captive while critical data remains protected and safe.”

According to the FBI, ransomware victims paid attackers a total of $209 million in the first quarter of 2016, and the producers of the CryptoWall ransomware attack generated ransom of more than $300 million in 2015 alone.

Leveraging TrapX’s deception technology, CryptoTrap is able to stop ransomware in its tracks by tricking attackers who are attempting to encrypt real network data. TrapX’s DeceptionTokens (lures) divert network-based ransomware attacks towards TrapX specialized ransomware traps designed to isolate the threat and keep it captive while protecting the organization’s real files. The TrapX ransomware traps alert security teams to the presence of the ransomware immediately, while the source of the attack is isolated and disconnected from the network, stopping the attack in its tracks.

TrapX researchers have identified more than 2,000 variations of ransomware that employ different methods of attack on network shares. To address this challenge, CryptoTrap is designed to ensure customers are protected from all of these methods—thus setting it apart from other ransomware tools. CryptoTrap is also setting an industry first by holding ransomware attacks “hostage” by leveraging deception technology, while security teams are alerted to remediate the threat. What is more, when paired with the DeceptionGrid™ Advanced IR module, which extends and automates incident response, CryptoTrap becomes the only deception-based ransomware tool on the market that can also offer deep forensics on attack details. This allows security teams to analyze the threat and tailor defenses accordingly.

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