Many employers might not give much thought to the health of their staff. The first time a lot of them think about it is when someone is too ill to come to work. But employers should be thinking about how they can help their employees be healthy. Healthy workers are more likely to come into work every day and to put more effort into their work. It’s important to treat your staff as people, and not just as cogs in a machine. You’re sure to want your employees to stick around for longer and to do their best while they work for you. If so, there are several things you should do.

Medical Insurance

If you employ fewer than 50 FTE employees, you might not offer medical insurance. You don’t have to pay fees if you choose not to provide adequate insurance coverage. However, avoiding the payment of fees isn’t the only reason for offering insurance. If you elect to provide them with medical insurance, you might be eligible for tax credits. Of course, providing adequate insurance if you do have more than 50 FTE employees means you get to avoid the penalties. Medical insurance for your staff will make it easier to hire and easier to get them to stick around. They’ll appreciate you more. And they’ll be in a better position to deal with any health issues that could hinder their work.

Employee Assistance Programmes

Both physical and mental health are important if you want your employees to do their best. One of the ways you can make sure you’re addressing them is by using employee assistance programme solutions. These schemes are designed to give your staff help with any problems that might impact their work. The issues could be at work or home, and could be affecting their health and well-being in different ways. The service provides support to your workers so that they have somewhere to go if they have any problems. You will usually receive educational literature and video information to get started. Many EAP companies also offer employee counseling.

Workout Clubs and Classes

Helping your employees be physically healthy benefits you. If they’re physically fit, they should be on form mentally too. Having the chance to move around at some point during the day can refresh bodies and minds. If your staff are falling asleep at their desks, you could offer something physical. Lunch is the perfect time to run yoga classes or a running club. It’s also an excellent opportunity for your staff to socialize with each other.

Discounted Gym Memberships

Some businesses can have gyms, but many smaller ones won’t find that possible. If you want to give your staff the benefit of using one, there’s another way. You could offer discounted or even free gym memberships for them to use. Not only does it keep them healthy, but it’s an attractive perk for potential hires. You could form a business relationship with a local gym. They might be happy to offer you discounted rates if you provide memberships to your whole staff.

Time to Get Well

When one of your employees has to take some time off, you understandably want them back as soon as possible. But pushing them to come back to work before they’re ready could be bad for you, them, and your other staff. For one thing, if someone comes to the office with a contagious illness, they could pass it to everyone else. You don’t want anyone forcing themselves to come to work with the flu. Secondly, no one is going to be performing at their best if they feel under the weather. Try to give everyone the time they need to get well by offering paid sick leave. You can, at least, leave them alone while they recover.

Vacation Time

Working for months and months without a break can be exhausting. Allowing your staff to take regular vacations will mean they can return to work refreshed and ready to work hard. Many countries around the world mandate four weeks or more of vacation every year. In the US, there is no requirement for a set number of days. Some sources say that the average American receives only 10 paid vacation days a year. If you want to look after your employees, make sure they get the time off they deserve. Offering vacation days as paid encourages your staff to take the time they need, as many won’t otherwise.

Employers need to take action if they want healthy and happy staff members who will do their best. Treat your employees well if you wish to improve staff retention.

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