EMR platforms are irreplaceable these days. There’s no turning a blind eye to their importance. All care providers know they need to get their hands on suitable EMR solutions to maintain a sustainable position in the market. Here a problem arises; how to choose the perfect EHR platform? The one that meets your clinical needs boosts your revenue and enhances your patient satisfaction rate. There are separate solutions for independent practices, primary care, and all other medical specialties. This diversity makes the decision process way more difficult.

However, we have found common ground for all clinicians. This article focuses on Kareo EMR and Elation EMR. They are two state-of-the-art solutions tending to a broad spectrum of medical specialties. Kareo is for independent practices, whereas Elation is for primary care. A Kareo EMR vs Elation EMR comparison is all you need to make a profitable decision. The reason for choosing these vendors is that both these are multi-specialty solutions. It’s an initiative from our end to cover the needs of almost all medical professionals regardless of their specialties.

Before further ado, let’s get to the Kareo EMR vs Elation EMR comparison.

Kareo EMR:

Kareo is a multi-disciplinary EMR and a productivity booster for independent physicians. The platform serves as a reliable solution to keep clients focused on the patients. It looks after all clinical segments like patient coding, bill processing, etc, without any distinction. Kareo is eager to boost the leadership skills of care providers by keeping them equipped with industry trends. The eye-catchy part is that clinicians can easily get started with it in minutes instead of hours.

Elation EMR:

Elation is also an agile EMR solution created with primary care physicians in mind. It tends to a range of primary care specialties. Powering a bright future for them paired with sustainable growth. This clinical-first platform is highly versatile when it comes to the functionalities offered. Being a revolutionary medical health solution, Elation EMR gets new practices up and running in days. Whether it’s intra-office messaging or basic prescription management, The vendor offers it all.

The Kareo EMR vs Elation EMR Battle

In the Kareo EMR vs Elation EMR fierce battle, we will start with the reviews moving toward the cost structure and demo.

Kareo EMR Reviews:

A 4-star reviews rating backs Kareo EMR. This above-average rating depicts the clinician’s trust in its services. The reviews of Kareo EMR are all praises for its customizability. This customizability is paired with a flexible interface, allowing clients to mold the vendor up to their requirements. Reviews illustrate that Kareo takes pride in its billing module. It even offers in-house support for billing services. The top-class training and implementation services of Kareo EMR make it easier for physicians to get started with it.

The prime downside highlighted in the Kareo EMR reviews is that its referral loop system needs some upgrading to do.

Elation EMR Reviews:

A 3.9-star review rating backs Elation EMR as of now. The vendor experienced a sharp turn in its customer support in the Covid-19 era. Its telehealth feature is of utmost importance in this regard. Clients believe Elation helps them stand their ground in that tiring time. As per the reviews, Elation EMR assures timely communication and fast data exchange. Also, this intuitive platform comes with a fast-speed interface to efficiently code patient visits. Reviews state the best function of Elation EMR is its MIPS, which allows for one-click access to patient records.

The drawback of Elation EMR primarily highlighted in the reviews is its customer support. It is not so effective. The support team doesn’t even attend calls timeously.

Kareo EMR Cost:

The cost structure of Kareo is available online. But the price tag is not disclosed. The best part about Kareo EMR cost structure is there are different plans for medical and non-medical practices. Also, there are options for choosing from a range of medical specialties, contract roles, and the number of providers. All these things made an impact on the pricing plans chosen. Above all, here’s the catch, Kareo EMR offers standard and low-volume cost plans. It is to cover low-budget and small-sized independent practices.

Elation EMR Cost:

As far as Elation EMR is considered, its cost structure has not been disclosed yet. However, you can learn the cost details by contacting Elation EMR. The vendor has hired a dedicated sales team to sort all the price-related queries of the medical professionals. Or you can explore the user’s feedback to learn what they think of the cost structure of Elation EMR.

Kareo EMR Demo:

The demo of Kareo EMR is a comprehensive pack of features and services. Instead of bragging about its excellence, the vendor presents how it manages clinical operations. The demo of Kareo EMR illustrates short details of the services offered and how they assist care providers. We recommend scheduling a demo with Kareo EMR as it is a way to understand the vendor’s functioning.

Elation EMR Demo:

Elation EMR also offers a cost-free demo. Its demo is quite elaborative and impressive. The details of Elation EMR presented in its demo are primarily about how it looks after the administrative tasks. Also, it is mentioned in the demo how smoothly Elation EMR runs financial streams and revenue. You must schedule an Elation EMR demo to assess whether it will turn out to be beneficial for you or not.

Final Thoughts:

We have penned down all the salient facts you should know in this Kareo EMR vs Elation EMR comparison. Now it’s up to you to make the final call if it’s the Kareo EMR or Elation EMR you want. You might raise a question that we haven’t listed down the features. That’s why we are recommending scheduling a demo with Kareo EMR and Elation EMR. It’s the best way to analyze the features of both these platforms in real-time circumstances.