Turning 55 is the beginning of a new phase in life for many people. You may be retiring or sending your kids off to college during your mid-fifties, giving you a lot more time to focus on yourself. Taking care of your health by changing your lifestyle habits in a proactive way with a better diet and more exercise should be a priority of every senior.

As you get older, you will start to notice many changes in all areas of your life, including your body and overall health. Women especially will go through many changes during menopause, both hormonally and physically. Making sure that you are eating a healthy diet can help you to stay in good shape while your body is settling into its senior years.

A healthy diet doesn’t have to be as strict as you would think. Just by using common sense and including the basic food groups in every meal, you can stay healthy and strong all through your senior years. Sticking to a healthy diet and staying active can help you to enjoy many more years living independently. 

You may eventually need a bit of help from a home care specialist like the professionals at www.huskyseniorcare.com, but if you have maintained a healthy lifestyle, you may be able to stay in your own home much longer.

A healthier diet can help you to maintain your metabolic system, raise your energy levels, and keep your nutrient and vitamin levels strong. If you are 55 or over, now is the time to start improving your eating habits by adding some healthier items and giving up on a few others.

Add To Your Regular Diet


  • As you age, your natural calcium levels can become depleted. Adding calcium supplements and milk, cheese, yogurt to your diet can help your bones stay stronger and reduce your risk of Osteoporosis.

Whole Grains

  • Change your choice of bread and pasta to a whole grain option. Adding more whole grains can help you maintain a healthy digestive system and colon.

Less Processed 

  • Fresh ingredients have fewer chemicals and preservatives added. Prepackaged meals can be incredibly high in sugars and salt.


  • These immune system boosting nutrients can be found in berries and fruits.


  • Maintain your brain health with lots of veggies and seafood.

Remove From Your Regular Diet

Regular Alcohol

  • Casual drinking is fine, but daily alcohol should be avoided.


Processed Meats

  • Avoid the preservatives and added fats and salts in processed meats.



  • Heavy starches can be difficult for slower metabolisms to process. Whole grain rice is a better side dish choice.

Refined Sugar

  • Sugar alternatives or natural sweeteners like honey are a healthier choice than processed sugars.


Taking care of your health should always be on your mind. After 55, adopting healthier eating habits should be a priority. Getting rid of a few things from your diet is a small price to pay for many more years of health with your family and enjoying life.


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