Improve the success of your next Healthcare training rollout with this handy guide. You can use this visual aid as a reference to ensure you’re taking into consideration critical factors. From network performance and security to flexibility in modality and scheduling, we know your pain points and are here to make the learning process easier so you can get back to the business of delivering better patient care.

MicroTek Dallas’s full-time hospitality staff will set-up your classroom well before you arrive, distribute your courseware, clean and stock the break areas and direct students to their rooms for their training event. Our Dallas training facility offers top-quality catering services as well as budget friendly boxed lunch variations and best of all, fresh baked cookies are served every day at 2:00 pm! Please Note: The presence of firearms or other dangerous weapons are prohibited in this facility or on the property regardless of permit or license.

 Choosing our MicroTek Dallas business training rooms means you’re getting more than just a training location, you’re getting professional training environment and a knowledgeable staff with years of experience that accommodate all of your specific training needs. If you have any questions or are ready to rent a training or meeting room, contact MicroTek today to get started on hosting a successful learning experience!

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